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Better call us.

Powerful tools for decisive people.

Our automated solutions offer rapidity,

efficiency and consistency without compromising quality.


Full API integration

Connect your business safely and instantly with our solutions. Our full API integration process accelerates employees’ productivity enabling the communication between our tools to create new automation methods, secure ways of sharing data and develop your enterprise software ecosystems.

Multilingual, multi-format

It's a big multilingual world over there! Because we wanted our solutions to be easy to use and intuitive, we have enriched them with vast technical corpora (legal, banking, compliance). More, all of Docmatic's solutions analyse every format of documents (PDF, scans, Word, Google Docs, Excel…) to assist your workflow.

DocMatch is here!


Docmatic's new plugin compares your contracts, agreements, policies, terms, and more.

How does it work?


DocMatch inspects each sentences’ internal structure and analyses the level of similarity providing you with augmented information about your documents’ contents.


Docmatic launches your legal work on a new level.

All the solutions you need for efficient legal work are here.

Deal Maker (ex. Deal Breaker)

Cut the exhaustion of long hours of analysis. Deal Breaker's models process your contracts to identify deal breakers, preventing you from costly mistakes.

Deal Breaker - video visual.jpeg

Docmatic Lab

The Cloud is full of LegalTech solutions, but they're not for every company. Only you know the intricacies of your business. What if you could create tools specific to your needs, just with a push of a button?

Lab - video visual.jpeg
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