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Powerful tools for decisive people.

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Smart features.

Full API integration

Connect your business safely and instantly with our solutions.


Our full API integration process accelerates employees’ productivity enabling the communication between our tools to create new automation methods, secure ways of sharing data and develop your enterprise software ecosystems.

Multilingual, multi-format.

It's a big multilingual world over there!


Because we wanted our solutions to be easy to use and intuitive, we have enriched them with vast technical corpora (legal, banking, compliance). More, all of Docmatic's solutions analyse every format of documents (PDF, scans, Word, Google Docs, Excel…) to assist your workflow.

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All your solutions are here.

Docmatic launches your information work on a new level with original and proprietary automated solutions you can customize to your needs.

Should I Read It?
Docmatic API

Available today.

the full system.

It's like Dropbox and Google had a child. But better.


With Docberry, you can reinvent your document management approach altogether and maximise the efficacy of your knowledge management system. You can also automatically incorporate additional plugins to analyse your documents according to specific data.

DocMatch, the finder.

DocMatch matches incoming contracts to the legal documentation templates of your company.


Automate your tedious research tasks, cuts your analysis time in half to get the job of two clients done in the time of one through proof-reading and double-checks.

DealMaker, the broker.

With DealMaker, get rid of all the deal breakers.


DealMaker is a first-review tool that prevents your company and clients from entering bad deals. Know who your partners really are. DealMaker supports documents in every language and every format.

Frequent Asked Questions.

What is Docmatic, and what do Docmatic products do?

Docmatic is an NLP-specialised startup, building innovative solutions, like contextual search engines, that analyse and reviews B2B contracts and agreements. It uses Machine Learning models to compare documents, track changes, detect non-standard clauses, and locate clauses that could potentially harm the user.

Is Docmatic easy to use?

Yes, Docmatic is designed to be an easy-to-use and user-friendly toolbox. The intuitive interface makes it easy to upload, analyse, and review your contracts and agreements.

What is the benefit of using Docmatic over traditional review?

Docmatic offers several benefits over traditional manual reviews, including increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Our contract review solution, DealMaker, can analyse contracts and agreements much faster and more accurately than a human. Additionally, Docmatic is designed to be secure and confidential. All data and information are protected by state-of-the-art security protocols, and the solution is compliant with industry standards for privacy and confidentiality. 

What is meant by "non-standard clauses" and why detect them?

Non-standard clauses in a contract are clauses that are outside the norm or is atypical to business contracts, agreement terms and conditions. These clauses can often be harmful to the user and result in unexpected consequences. Detecting non-standard clauses in a contract is an efficient way to ensure that said contract is in compliance with industry standards. This helps minimize the risks of potential harm to the user.

Can DealMaker detect all non-standard clauses in a contract?

DealMaker is designed to be a first and last review-tool. It can detect a large majority of non-standard and harmful clauses in a contract, but it is not perfect and may not detect every single one. It is always important to manually review DealMaker’s summary and the contract you reviewed. You must also seek professional legal advice if necessary.

Tell me more about Docmatic's data safety.

With Docmatic, your data is always safe and secure. We understand the sensitivity of your contracts and agreements. That's why you choose whether Docmatic is stored on the Cloud or onto your servers. We protect your assets and research results from prying eyes by encrypting all traffic between your company and our servers and we ensure safe storage of your data on our servers and cloud and make regular back-ups to prevent loss and alteration.


If you choose our cloud solutions, know that all cloud providers are certified by ISO 27001. This certification enables organisations to manage the security of your sensitive data, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties.

Finally, to secure your data within your company, you decide who get to access each file, and you can change these settings at any time.

Interested? Contact us, now.

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