What if millions of dollars
were buried in your documents?

Unlock the full potential of your data by automating your text data management and recovering the money lost in your scattered information.

There's value in the data you can't see.

Every day your company generates thousands of gigabytes of data and information through emails, logs, contracts, reports or studies.

Every week, your employees waste 1/3 of their time browsing, collecting, searching, and managing information.

With Docmatic Natural Text Processing technology, you can
extract and process your data 43 times faster than with any other traditional automation tool.

Use our proprietary AI technology to unlock

the power of all your data.

A bar plot growing with the bars in the color of a dollar bill.


It's like Dropbox and Google

had a child. But better.

Do you need to structure your data and make sense of it?

Sort thousands of unstructured documents from all business sectors within seconds.

Store hierarchically an unlimited number of textual materials.

Process every language.

Locate the information you need instantly.

Search your entire document collection by using keywords, their declensions and synonyms.

Analyse every type of given textual material (PDF, scans, images, text documents, Excel, Google Docs...).

Docmatic uncovers the hidden value of your data. In seconds.

Interpret the context from each text, extract meaningful intel and manipulate crucial information such as names, values, dates, addresses, descriptions, features, opinions, conditions, requirements and more.


Shape the future of your business.

We develop models trained specially for you, with your data,

to answer the needs of your company.

Banking & Insurance

Do not wait anymore to find 100 pieces of information from 100-pages long documents like proxy statements! Docmatic text-mining models find dates, names, amounts and longer text excerpts automatically, in seconds. Literally.


Docmatic automatically verifies your contracts' deadlines and compares your documents. It has never been this easy to manage expiration dates, find unfair clauses, and prevent unwanted changes or modifications.

Research & Development

Make sure you have control of your patents and your projects. Docmatic monitors your grants proposals and controls your documentation to prevent duplicates.


Our Partners

When we work with a new partner, one of the most common challenges is choosing which of our solutions they need.


Now you can read our business cases by clicking on our partners' logos and discover how we have assisted them with leaping into the future of KMS (Knowledge Management System) by:

- speeding-up manual processes,

- increasing work effectiveness,

- and improving data extraction accuracy.

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Data management? It's a CEO's problem.

Docmatic, 4 steps to implement with ease...

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Your data is safe.

Your documents are always safe and secure. You choose whether Docmatic is stored in a cloud or onto your servers.


Our solution works independently, so you do not have to use any third-party server and software. No outside connection is required. Plus, you decide who has got an access to each file, and you can change these settings at any time.


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We need experienced and product-oriented candidates who are passionate about data science to develop intelligent process automation software.