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Just like it simple

Analysing legal documents shouldn't be that hard.

Our AI is no replacement for experienced legal advice, but we believe it should take seconds to read a 100-page contract.

Why Docmatic?

3-clicks product


Upload your docs and compare on the go. It's simple. Only focus on your results.

We create products focused on the result. Upload the documents you want to compare, and that's it! Your report will then be available to download briefly.

Multiply Clients

With Docmatic's analysis solutions, automate your tedious research tasks, save time and get the job of two clients done in the time of one's.

  • Reduce the time needed for document analysis by 82%

  • Efficient resources allocation


Prevent & Break
Bad Deals

Prevent your company and clients from entering bad deals.

  • Locate unclear, dangerous and unlawful clauses

  • Extract critical data in NDA and agreements

  • Track changes in your about-to-be signed contracts

  • In every language and every format (scans, PDF, Word)

Our Clients

Why companies like docmatic

Want your company to access powerful tools and creative solutions? So do they.

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“So basically, it doesn’t matter if you are in the private service sector, consulting in R&D or legal and financial services; you still can apply docmatic everywhere.”

Iwona Dudzińska,

Managing Director, Head of AML Operations for EMEA Region at Citi

DocMatch Plugin is Coming!

Free beta-version

Be one of the first to test our new solution, contact us and ask for a demo here.

Google catalogue

Make sure you've read all about our catalogue of Google plugins and add-ons.

Our community

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Step 1:

Download, click and start.

Pick a document

Select the document you want to compare from your Google Drive and start the plugin analysis.


Step 2:

Check, compare, correct.

Get your report

Once your analysis is ready, receive your report as a new document in your Google Drive.


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