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Artificial intelligence is NOT only for big business.

For a long time, the leading opinion was that only large corporations could implement and sell artificial intelligence-based solutions at a grander scale for many years. We now know

machine learning is available to almost all businesses.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, "AI can affect and benefit SMEs in two ways: by altering their business environment and easing the conditions under which they do business, or by enabling them to change their business models and practices, which could ultimately

allow them to increase productivity and outreach, and scale-up".

The European Commission supports a better adoption of AI within small and medium businesses by closing investment gaps and promoting programs aimed at digital transformation.

Proper identification of needs and capacity is necessary to ensure that new investment brings profits and optimization.

Artificial intelligence-based solutions are not only for the largest companies. With the help of specifically-trained machine learning models, small eCommerce companies can identify their customers' needs, target new client groups or provide service outside of office hours (see our article: "Hype up your eCommerce with AI").

Machine learning models can also predict upcoming sales, helping companies propose better and personalized offers.

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