Hype up your eCommerce business with AI.

With online shopping booming, so did the need for data processing in eCommerce. Our smartphones and laptops are data warehouses, gathering intel about our purchases, characteristics, daily habits, and visited locations. They release a constant stream of information that ads feist on daily.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best tools for eCommerce companies. Natural Language Processing combined with Machine Learning can not only follow visitor activity on e-shops but recommend efficient marketing techniques to attract the interest of prospects. AI models have gotten better at catching nuances and context of researched keywords. Well-trained models like Docmatic can easily understand the intention behind unclear or incorrect pieces of information provided, improving user experience. They gather relevant data such as consolidated information, customer habits, needs, and issues. Analytics have propelled sellers into a century of high-value marketing where the smallest of stores track their leads generation and learn how to improve their conversion channel. Advanced marketing techniques are not exclusive to big groups anymore. Virtual assistants and chatbots have risen in the eCommerce industry and transformed the customer service landscape.

Customers are no fools yet. It is vital to ensure that visitors are aware that they interact with automated tools. All gathered information (particularly personal and sensitive data) must be subject to consent. Regional regulations and international laws like GDPR ensure this power balance. What people give up in personal data, companies repay in quality service. Docmatic allows you to analyse customers’ sentiment for your brand while navigating the law’s intent. We also help you find, understand and process your sales tunnel by bringing you one step closer to your future customers. Finally, we revise your policy and rules to remove all abusive clauses.

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