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We help your data flourish.


Our Mission

Our objective as a company is to democratise automated AI solutions. We want to be your first line of support.


We develop products to help you control the data in your documents. No more half solution or opaque interface. Only high accuracy and turbocharged relevance!


Using our solutions will drastically reduce the hours of research you conduct. You will also be more efficient and work in a better environment. We will automate the time-consuming and mind-numbing tasks of your job. And you will release your creativity.

Our story

In 2018, our company was involved in a project to analyse hundreds of proxy statements. The client asked us to extract different types of information; meeting dates, management board names, salaries amount, and claw-back policies.

We estimated a two-day, two-person job to analyse an 80-pages document containing 250 critical values. The clients had hundreds of them. The project was costly in time and money, and the expected result would have been below our standards.


We needed to find an automated solution.

The market for data extraction solutions was insufficient and disappointing. So, our team developed a model capable of analysing all of our client's documents in one go. We shortened the time needed to one hour and boosted the accuracy to 95%. And the budget? Just a couple of thousand euros.

— Łukasz Malicki, CEO

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Innovation in the EU

Since our creation, we have participated in programs and grants administered by the European Union.

The Fast Track

The project involves the creation of a virtual analytical agency offering the possibility of training a team of own artificial intelligence agents to extract detailed information from text documents and using them for continuous analysis and data extraction from an individually managed document repository.


ACESO aims to use modern artificial intelligence technologies to build an integrated healthcare platform for oral hygiene, in which intelligent devices use data to improve health and well-being.

Read more here in English or Polish.

Our Prizes

As a young and innovative start-up, we have participated in several competitions and accelerators and won many grand prizes. We are proud to work with passionate partners and tackle challenging demands every day since 2018.

May 2022

Europe Shortlist

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