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Every day, you are exposed to 34 gigabytes of information, the equivalent of five 2-hours long movies. Every day. Each day.  

Every day, your mind absorbs 10 hours of vivid, alien information.

A laptop with McKinsey Global report and the data extracted in Docmatic, on screen

It's the radio news at home in the morning. It's the emails and the reports at work. The daily flow of advertising, sounds, music, images, and pictures surrounds us. 

So, we're asking you: do you have time?  

Do you have enough time to take in all of it? To understand, process, analyse and learn from it?

Do you have enough time for all of that information? 

Thanks to Docmatic, now you do!

But, what really is information?

Information is stimuli that have meaning in some context for the person that receives them. When information is stored or treated in a computer, it is called data. When information is used or compiled to understand things, it becomes knowledge.   

Information allows us to grasp more effectively the world that surrounds us.  

At Docmatic, we think information is the fuel that powers your company. We made it our job to provide companies with insightful data and help them take their best decisions.



“I'm so fast that last night I turned off

the light switch in my hotel roomand

was in bed before the room was dark.”

— Muhammad Ali


In 2018, our company was involved in a project that aimed to analyse hundreds of proxy statements. Our client asked us to extract information such as meeting dates, management board names, salaries amount and claw-back policies.  

Such projects are costly in time and money. It takes two people two days to analyse an 80-pages document containing 250 critical values. The average cost of analysis for this document exceeds $450.


The major problem was insufficient accuracy (below 70%), which means that 1/3 of the data were not found or were found incorrect. With a traditional approach, the budget required for this project would have been tens of thousands of dollars!


But we didn't do that. We decided to create a machine-learning model capable of analysing all of our clients' documents in one go. We shortened the time needed to one hour and boosted the accuracy up to 90%. And the budget? Just a couple of thousands of dollars.  

There we were, with a powerful and efficient engine and a more than satisfied customer! Docmatic is document-understanding made automatic. 


If, like us, you do not have time to read every report's page and would like a tool more powerful than executive summaries, request a demo of Docmatic.  

Lukasz Malicki, CEO of Docmatic



As a young and innovative start-up, we have participated in several competitions and accelerators and won many grand prizes. We are proud to work with passionate partners and tackles challenging demands every day, as Random Forest from 2018 to 2022 and now as Docmatic.

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