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Text data that makes an impact.

We empower businesses by building Natural Language Processing cutting-edge solutions.

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Recover the money lost in your scattered documentation.

Every day your company generates thousands of gigabytes of data and information through emails, logs, contracts, reports or studies. Every week, your employees waste 1/3 of their time browsing, collecting, searching, and managing information.

But there's value in the data you can't see.

With Docmatic Natural Text Processing (NLP) technology, you can extract and process your data 43 times faster than with any other traditional automation tool.

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Collect and control data that matters.

We specialize in delivering tailored NLP solutions that effortlessly extract vital information from contracts, streamline data analysis, and empower your business with unparalleled insights. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to automation and efficiency with our custom-built projects.

Not sure of what you need? Discover the solutions and use cases we've delivered for our clients.
Text aggregation
Duplicates detection
Contract analysis
Web scrapping
Data extraction
Data management,
is it a CEO's problem?
Integrate Docmatic with ease in 4 steps.

They trust us.


“So basically, it doesn’t matter if you are in the private service sector, consulting in R&D or legal and financial services; you still can apply docmatic everywhere.”

Iwona Dudzińska,

Managing Director, Head of AML Operations for EMEA Region at Citi

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Don't wait any longer to start seeing the benefits of AI-powered contract analysis. Reach out today to get started, because analysing your documents shouldn't be that hard..

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