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DocMatch matches incoming contracts to your company's templates.

  • Proof-reading.

  • Double-checks.

  • Cuts your analysis time by half.


What is DocMatch?

Your first line of defense.

Use our dedicated AI model to find the deal breakers in your contracts and sign the best deals you can!

A safe login account.

Ensure the safety of your contracts and agreements by creating your company's account and granting access to the users of your choice. 

A trusted advisor.

Because we know the law is an ever-changing landscape, we partner with legal experts to keep our libraries updated in every field of the law.

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Deep Learning Comparison System

Why? Save time, reduce cost, and improve accuracy.

How does it work? Comparing templates and agreements, comparing list of terms that are acceptable or not.


What? Between two documents or more. Large volumes of comparison at the same time. Access to folders on the Cloud. Unstructured data or not.


Every formats: scans, PDF, Word or Google Docs.

Unstructured data and structured data alike.

Compares contracts, agreements, policies, legislations, terms, studies and reports, essays, and scientific or news articles.


DocMatch inspects each sentence’s internal structure and divides it into phrases of distinct logical sense.

Reads 27,000 words a minute.

Attested 99% accuracy in extraction tasks.


Confidence score on semantical similarity.

Repeated or omitted phrases.

Augmented information on how to turn one document into the other by adding, deleting, moving or changing a sentence or parts.

Upcoming features 

Simultaneous comparison of multiple documents.

Phrasing evolution from one version to another.


  • Main topics.

  • Missing clauses and counterparts.

  • OneDrive plugin.

Contact us, now.

Don't wait any longer to start seeing the benefits of AI-powered contract analysis. Reach out today to get started, because analysing your documents shouldn't be that hard..

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