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Keep control of your data! Compare all your documents and match them with what you need.

Coming on the 05.11.22

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DocMatch Plugin is Coming!

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Step 1:

Download, click and start.

Pick a document

Select the document you want to compare from your Google Drive and start the plugin analysis.


Step 2:

Check, compare, correct.

Get your report

Once your analysis is ready, receive your report as a new document in your Google Drive.


Deep Learning Comparison System

DocMatch determines the level of similarity of your Google Drive-stored documents. Thanks to advanced machine learning models, DocMatch automatically understands the context and compares the content of two chosen documents. 

DocMatch's add-on generates reports from the analysis of this contextual comparison and saves them on your Google Drive.


  • Works on unstructured text documents.

  • It compares contracts, agreements, policies, legislations, terms, studies and reports, essays, and scientific or news articles.

  • It analyses the level of similarity: context, corpus, and semantics and finds sentences of different styles and wording with the same meaning.

  • DocMatch inspects each sentence’s internal structure and divides it into phrases of distinct logical sense.

  • Output is a detailed report providing augmented information about documents’ contents:

    • Confidence score on semantical similarity.

    • Repeated or omitted phrases.

    • Info on how to turn one document into the other by adding, deleting, moving or changing a sentence or parts.

  • 27,000 words read by minute with a 99% attested accuracy in extraction tasks.

Upcoming features

  • Simultaneous comparison of multiple documents.

  • Phrasing evolution from one version to another.

  • Summarisation:

    • Main topics.

    • Missing clauses and counterparts.

    • Google and OneDrive plugins.

Working on a Computer

05/11/2022 Save The Date

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