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Stop wasting hours searching for relevant pieces of information and historical documentation. Find what you need and control your data at every moment. It's like Dropbox and Google had a child. But better!

  • Store and sort large volumes of documents with tags.

  • Keep your data secure by granting different level of access.

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What is Docberry?

Your go-to folder.

Structure how you store documents and quickly extrapolate your information to find what's relevant. With data such as people and company names, dates, places, and numbers, you can contextualise how every piece of information fits in your organisation.

A smart and customizable safe.

Keep the final versions of all your sensitive documents in one place by placing an order within the repository and filtering the access.

An efficient researcher.

Docberry analyses every format of documents (PDF, scans, images, text documents, Excel, Google Docs...) so you can search your entire document collection by using keywords, their declensions and synonyms.

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Docberry is the intuitive KMS you need.

Why? Keeping your documents organized in a Smart KMS (Knowledge Management System) is the best way to collect and control your data, and thus your business.


How does it work? Docberry connects the dots between your documents, allowing you to create unique workflows and accesses to ensure the best environment to your collaborators.

What? A Smart KMS built and customized around a powerful navigation design to answer all your company’s unique needs.


Tags drastically increase the speed at which you can find all relevant pieces of information. You can create an unlimited number of them per file and colour-code them to increase practicality.

Your data does all the work.

We understand that most enterprises use document sharing systems such as Google Drive and OneDrive, with challenges rising when they need to manage, reference and locate vast numbers of documents.


Most sharing systems are counterintuitive with poor sorting and not filtering. They also do not allow for separate access based on document sensitivity. Yet, contracts and legal documentation should be stored separately from regular file storage.

In an era driven by data, the next logical step is a way to organise it all. One of the most significant challenges for businesses is understanding what solutions will work best for them.


Docberry will assist you with:

  • Improved processes and procedures, including manual tasks.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency.

  • More accurate pinpointing of data and extraction of information.

What can Docberry do for you?

Docberry for Finance

Don’t browse through tons of pages, files and pieces of information to find a single document. Docberry’s smart repository will find what you’re looking for in moments when you need to pull statements or invoices quickly.

Docberry for Legal

Carefully archiving critical legal documents is essential. Docberry's KMS (Knowledge Management System) will alert you when the terms of your contracts and agreements expire or when it's time to renew them.


Eliminate the stress of missed deadlines and dates of termination, once and for all!

Docberry for Tech / R&D

When multiple parties need access to a single document, Docberry will efficiently manage and regulate your platform users' access while protecting and safeguarding sensitive information like patents.

Docberry is the ultimate KMS.

What is Docberry and how does it help with document management?
Docberry is a smart repository and knowledge management system designed to help companies manage their documents. It allows you to store and access various types of documents while providing features like keyword search, document tagging, and AI-driven contextualization of information.

What are the main features of Docberry?
Docberry offers the following features:
  - Storing thousands of unstructured documents from all business sectors within seconds.
  - Creating different levels of access for users.
  - Extracting crucial information and easily sorting documents with tags.

How does Docberry help with finding and accessing information quickly?

Docberry offers powerful search capabilities, allowing you to access information in every language and analyze any file format containing text. With its smart repository and AI-powered features, such as keyword-based contextualization and tagging, you can store and organize all your documents in seconds. This enables fast retrieval of relevant information without the need to browse through multiple files and pages.

What makes Docberry such a good repository for storing information?
Docberry allows users to keep the final versions of all documentation in one place, providing easy access through a well-designed navigation system with the use of tags. It also offers advanced AI capabilities, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for analyzing any file format containing text.

Should I try Docberry?
Yes! There are several reasons why you should try Docberry:

  • Firstly, it offers easy and user-friendly navigation through the implementation of tags, enabling quick document retrieval.

  • Plus, Docberry's cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence allows for the reinvention of document management approaches and maximizes knowledge management system efficacy.

  • Finally, Doberry provides auto-tagging parameters and contextual keyword search across thousands of documents, unlocking access to unstructured and hidden content.

Okay, but what about the safety and security of my data?
At Docmatic, we prioritize the safety and security of your data by storing it on secure servers and implementing regular backups to prevent loss or alteration. If you choose our cloud storage option, all cloud providers used by Docberry are certified by ISO 27001, ensuring the management of sensitive data in a secure manner. Additionally, you have control over access permissions within your company, allowing you to decide who can access each file.

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