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Deal Maker

Prevent your company and clients from entering bad deals. Deal Maker supports documents in every language and every format.


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Semantic Detection for Consequential Clauses

Deal Maker is a tool that allows you to review your contracts to detect and locate harmful clauses. Our software highlights the sections of text deemed abusive or dangerous to your party in the case of a breach of contract.


  • Works on unstructured text documents, be it legal, financial, business, scientific, technical, or medical.

  • It detects dangerous or undesirable contract clauses and checks if an agreement contains the required provisions.

  • Deal Maker locates conclusions in a report without actually reading it.
    It can process thousands of documents and endlessly repeat a set of chosen tasks.

  • By using provided samples of important clauses, the engine trains specific models capable of judging whether the meaning of a clause is implied in a given sentence:

  • Unlike naive keyword searches, it is resistant to paraphrases and stylistic changes and finds the same meaning conveyed in different words.

  • DM’s deep neural models are not confused by long, convoluted sentences and can discern opposite negated meanings.

  • It is easily adaptable to unlimited specific tasks without the need for collecting massive learning datasets.

  • It provides the user with a detailed report with:

    • Highlighted parts of sentences which are responsible for 'meaning detection'.

    • The estimated confidence scores help in interpreting nonconforming and unclear clauses.

    • Found clauses that may be accompanied by human-authored explanations allowing non-expert users to understand the issue better.

Upcoming features

  • A user-friendly lab application for editing clause samples, batch processing and reporting for a series of multiple documents.

  • Advanced logic rules for detecting complex dependencies between clauses.

  • Google and OneDrive plugins.

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